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Flashback Friday - Ep24 - Happy Easter!

Mitt Romney Says He’s “Sickened” By Trump “Dishonesty” Detailed in Mueller Report

Watch Liberal Heads Explode Over Mueller Report Release

Democratic Party Ruled By Globalists Must Be Investigated

Congress Should ‘Move On’ After Mueller Probe, Poll Shows

Mueller Report Exonerates Every Patriot Smeared By MSM

US Ambassador Slams Mayor Pete For Pushing ‘Hate Hoax’ About Mike Pence

North Korean Weapons Test Not a Ballistic Missile – Intel Experts

Buttigieg Pushes Slavery, Unplanned Labeled “Propaganda” by Gulag

Spanish Populist Party Banned From TV Debate

What Notre Dame & Tesla Have in Common? Spontaneous Electrical Fires

Fiddler on the Left Bernie: If I Were a Rich Man

Soldier Boy

Vaccines: My Body, My Choice?

2020: Will Trump Abandon “Endless War” Issue to Bernie?

Solar Storm Alert: Earth To Be Bombarded By Solar Particles In A Few Days

Study: Dog Owners More Active Than Anyone

Watch Live: Experts Respond to Mueller Report, Say Trump Should Have Shut Down Investigation

Media Mentions “Impeachment” Over 300 Times After Mueller Report Finds No Collusion

Americans Aren’t Buying Into The Elites’ Cashless Utopia

Students React To Ilhan Omar’s Insensitive Comments

Epic Footage: 70-Bus Caravan & “Lookout” Drone Filmed at Southern Border

Border Patrol Identifies Over 3,000 Fraudulent Family Cases

Space Fire Extinguisher That ‘Sucks’ Flames in Development

NM Gov Attacks Citizen Border Patrol After 1,800 Illegals Cross in 24 Hours

Yes, Julian Assange Is a Journalist — But That Shouldn’t Matter

US Calls on Countries to Block Russian Planes Heading to Venezuela

Meteor of Interstellar Origin May Have Slammed into Earth in 2014

FBI’s Facial Recognition Programs Under Fire Over Privacy, Accuracy Concerns

Conservative Activist Speaks Out After False Accusation From Illegal Immigrant

French Right Furious Over Plans to Rebuild Notre Dame With Modern Materials

Hungary Warns of Terrorists Returning to Europe

The Mueller Report Is Out, Learn Exclusively What’s Coming Next – There’s a Lot of Good News But a Lot of Bad News

Leftists Claim ‘Unplanned’ Movie is Going to Lead to Terrorism

Nearly Half Of Millennials Wouldn’t Invest In Stocks Even If They Had The Money

Turkey Arrests Two Alleged UAE Spies, Possible Links To Khashoggi Killing

Vivian Lee, THE “LEAVING NEVERLAND” SCAM: The Conspiracy Against Michael Jackson, Part II

Vivian Lee, THE “LEAVING NEVERLAND” SCAM: The Conspiracy Against Michael Jackson, Part I

CNN & Maddow Cry Over Mueller Report

House Judiciary Chair Subpoenas AG Barr For Unredacted Mueller Report

US Launches Study to Find Ways to Reduce Opioid Overdose Deaths

Uber Announces $1 Billion Investment Into Car Group Weeks Before Going Public

‘God Bless America’ Out at Yankee Stadium Over Singer’s Racist Songs

New Clothing Line Allows Men to Proclaim They’re “Cucks” Who Share Their Wives

Watch Live! Mueller Rorschach Test: Democrat Insanity On Display

Video: Muslims Try to Attack Activist Who Threw Koran in the Air

James Clapper: Mueller Report ‘Devastating,’ ‘Road Map’ for Impeachment

AOC: Conclusion of 3 Year Mueller Investigation Demands A New Investigation

United Constitutional Patriots Group Catches Migrant Caravan Illegally Invading U.S. In New Mexico

EXONERATED: No collusion, no obstruction… Trump cleared in bombshell Mueller report, exposing bald-faced LIES of the anti-Trump media

Slow Stream

Historically Black All-Male College Will Accept Women Who Believe They Are Men

UNC Women’s Basketball Coach Sylvia Hatchell Resigns Following Internal Review

2019 KU Common Book Offers Complex View of United States

People Are Pooping More Than Ever on the Streets of San Francisco

Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam: ‘I’m Tired of Being, as a White Male, Blamed for Everything’

‘Alarmingly Low’: FAS Sciences Struggles to Increase Proportion of Underrepresented Minority Faculty

Multicultural Vikings

Truth Will Out Radio: Judah and Edom – TWOR 041919

What Went Up in Flames

Library Journal Suggests Libraries Are Too White

2 Virginia Police Officers Are Fired amid Allegations of Links to White Nationalists

Legal Cannabis Is Here. Minorities Are Owed a Place in the Industry

Message to Young Black Men in KC: No Dreadlocks, White T-Shirts or Risk Going to Jail

Teen Beats 70-Year-Old Man Unconscious with a Stick in Random Bronx Attack

Ohio Democrat Drafts Amendment Seeking to Make Black Babies Exempt from Pro-Life Law

TDS432: Carbon Bulbhead Print

Radical Agenda S05E028 – Booty Judge


Dr. Duke and Mark Collett of UK on Taking Christ Out of Easter & the Real Significance of Notre Dame!

The Daily Nationalist: Radicalised by Facebook Censorship – DN 041919

CBS Incites Violence Against Political Opponents

If hidden technology were exposed for all to see

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (975) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real War Against Christianity Worldwide – Part 1

Beneath Thy Cross: An Easter Poem (with video)

S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 179 | Off the Reservation



Mike and the MAD SCOT! Tonight at 8:30pm EDT

Charter Schools Claim They Are Losing Millions in Tax Revenue to KC District

Why Hasn’t KC Elected a Latino to the City Council in Almost a Generation?

Kirsten Gillibrand Has Endorsed Steps to Reduce Racial Wealth Gap

D.C. Housed the Homeless in Upscale Apartments. It Hasn’t Gone as Planned.

Pew Research: Hispanics to Outpace Black Americans as Largest Voting Minority in 2020

Nearly 30 Arrested When Fights Break Out as Hundreds of Young People Descend in Downtown Chicago


Radio Free Northwest: Halloween 2012 – RFN 041119